Projector provides interactive fun

April 24th, 2024

Saint Cecilia's Nursing Home


Saint Cecilia’s is trying out a piece of equipment that is set to provide hours of fun, stimulation and entertainment across our centres.
We are currently trialling a Magic Table interactive light protector from Social-ability which enables users to play games, tackle puzzles and quizzes, paint a picture or watch a mindfulness video.
The screen can be projected on to a table, a wall, the floor, a bed or even the ceiling. Users wave their hand or foot to join in numerous games and activities, from racing cars, to popping bubbles, sweeping leaves, completing puzzles and dozens more.
The Magic Table runs the Happiness Programme which gives access to more than 80 games and activities designed to stimulate movement, create shared experiences, provide calm or offer fun games. It can even offer a keyboard and karaoke.
During the trial period, the projector will be used across our day care, care homes and nursing homes.

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